Unique Kitchen Remodel

These customers were very engaged, and helped bring passion and energy to the project. This was an older home with metal cabinets, which we were able to find more of. These customers came up with their own kitchen design and modified it as the project went along. They even refinished the cabinets as we worked on the framing, electric, insulation and sheetrock. We were very impressed! Not all of the cabinets were able to be refinished, so we cut the face of the old sink base cabinet, made a wood carcass, and secured the metal face to the new cabinet.

The counter tops are laminate, which you don’t see much of any more. The nosing on the counter tops and the backsplash are polished steel that we had fabricated and we installed. This was an important part for the homeowners, and they came out really nice. Their are a lot of unique pieces to this project, making it a lot of fun.