Boxwood Road, Bedford NH


Steinmentz Living Room Renovation

This is a living room that was trimmed out, built inns added to keep the room looking clean. Carpet was removed and we installed new prefinished flooring and then added the trim and built ins.


Lennox Street

We removed the existing decking, trim and columns on the front porch. Installed new decking, round columns enlarged the stairs, new lattice and then trimmed it out. The interior stairs were carpet so we stripped the carpet and added new prefinished treads to match the existing flooring and new risers. The shadow boxes were added on the walls at this time as well.


Jean Stairs and Bench


Barn Renovation

Barn renovation: Before

Barn renovation: After


Komarla Attic


Whole House Renovation

This project has before and after photos.



Stone was added to the sheetrock surrounding the fireplace, making the fireplace really stand out.

Washer & dryer closet was made, plumbing and electric updated, shelving added.

Attic was finished, complete with a prayer room, closets, hardwood flooring, bathroom, hallway and a large open room. The insulation is a hybrid of half spray foam and half fiberglass bat, giving a higher value than other options.

Bead board was added to an existing front porch. Finally, the whole house was painted and the rear porch was renovated.